Tine 2.0 – #2 The Update

Many problems occur during an update, here I’ll show you my workflow.

Some basic rules:

  1. Backup your database before updating, if there goes something wrong, there is a way back.
  2. Backup your files directory, since 2017 Tine 2.0 stores there internals as well as your files.
  3. Keep your old source until you’ve verified your new Tine 2.0, it’s easier to switch back if you keep did that.

That’s how my structure looks like:

tine.example.com is a link to the latest Tine 2.0 source and as you see it’s actually pointing to 2018.02.1, but I’d like to update to 2018.02.2. Unzip the new Tine 2.0 into 2014.09.2 so the index.php is right underneath 2018.02.2.

Use cp /2018.02.1/config.inc.php /2018.02.2 and cp /2018.02.1/.htaccess /2018.02.2 in case you are using apache2.

Now get into the new sources directory and run php setup.php --update to start the update process. It should output not that much, just which application where updated.

It’s time to publish the new version to the world with ln -sfT /2018.02.2 /tine.example.com.

It’s good practise to enable the logging in your config.inc.php while updating to make sure there occured nothing bad.

You’ll probably run into problems with the cache, you could solve this by delete everything inside the caching directory.

For example: rm -rf tine_cache/*!

Have fun and enjoy your Tine 2.0 installation. 🙂

Published by Misha

I'm a software engineer coding a lot in PHP, Swift and JS. Also doing quite a lot of DevOps stuff like continues integration and continues delivery.

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